We’re so excited to be able to bring a little bit of our family’s history to your family’s table.

Every time I make a batch of pasta, I feel connected to that upbringing and that time in my life.

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After college and a bit of soul searching in my early twenties, I wound up back in Iowa and married my husband.  Looking for meaningful work and trying to find something that filled my love of food led me to check out our local farmer’s market.  I studied the list of approved foods that could be sold at the farmer’s market and then checked what businesses were already selling those foods.  I saw “dried noodles” were allowed and that nobody was selling them.  Could this be?  I felt like the stars and planets had aligned just for me!  So, that summer I gave it a try.

Our start in the summer of 2010 at the farmer’s market was the first step to what Zaza’s is today.   At the time, I didn’t know I was starting a business.  Initially, I was having so much fun making pasta and becoming part of the market.  It gave me something to do in my spare time and it provided me with a bit of income, too.  I was starting to notice a lot of the same faces buying pasta each week and I remember thinking, Huh, maybe they like my pasta.  The idea of creating a business, however, didn’t actually come to me until a regular customer said, “You have a great product!” I had never viewed my pastas as a “product” before.  That was it.  The fire had been lit.

The next summer I started trying to make improvements both on my product and the packaging.  The next year I made more improvements.  I started wondering how this hobby could actually turn into a full-scale business.  I’m naturally a risk-averse person, so our growth was slow and steady and very organic.  Eventually, we rented a small commercial kitchen space and got connected with some super helpful people in the local food community who showed us some ropes about what licenses to apply for and how to gain access into the marketplace.  In 2013 we began wholesaling our pastas to a few grocery stores in town.  It was great!  In 2015 we opened a permanent retail shop inside of Newbo City Market in Cedar Rapids.  Today, you can find our pastas in over 50 grocery stores across Iowa and into Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Illinois!

We attribute the success we’ve seen over the years to our commitment of using only non-GMO, local and organic ingredients.  We feel it is so important to know where your food comes from and to support other local farmers and businesses.  If we wouldn’t feed Zaza’s Pastas to our family, we wouldn’t expect you to feed it to yours.


Nonna didn’t take short cuts.  She grew and harvested most of the vegetables in her garden and checked the laying baskets in the chicken coop for eggs every morning.

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Our pastas start with high quality ingredients.  We use only non-GMO semolina flour, all purpose flour from organically-grown Iowa wheat, water and sea salt.

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We now distribute to 6 states. You can pick up your favorite flavor of Zaza’s Pastas at your local grocery store or purchase online and come back here for recipe inspirations. 

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